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Vocational education services

When you discover the vocation education opportunities at Staten Island University Hospital, you will find the hope necessary to get back on your feet and stay there. Recovering from addiction is only the first step. Our counseling staff gives you support and guidance to help you through not only the treatment process, but also the recovery process.

Why choose us?

The vocational services that we offer at Staten Island University Hospital will give you the skills, training and continued assistance that you need to develop self-sufficiency and financial independence, all while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our vocational education services are also available for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Services offered

Our services will help you prepare for and enter the workforce. They include:

  • Life management workshops
  • Testing and assessment
  • Career exploration
  • Educational and vocational support groups
  • Resume writing
  • Job hunters group
  • Individual consultation
  • Referrals to VESID and community resources for specialized services
  • On-site literacy and GED classes
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