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We see heart health differently
Your heart is unique. Your heart care should be, too. The Heart Institute's dedicated cardiac specialists are here for you with advanced techniques and procedures, combined with compassionate cardiac care that is tailored to your specific needs.
About us
Your heart deserves the very best care

Advanced, personalized cardiovascular care close to home

At the Heart Institute, we specialize in leading-edge techniques and procedures across many cardiac services. Turn to us for the most progressive cardiac diagnostics, treatment, postsurgical outpatient care and cardiac prevention programs.

Services we offer

The right care for your unique heart

If you have heart or vascular disease, you want the right team on your side. Whether you need a noninvasive diagnostic screening or a groundbreaking minimally invasive surgery, we are the foremost cardiac care center in Staten Island.

How well do you know your heart?
Take our free two-minute risk assessment and learn if you have a slight, moderate or high risk for heart disease. You'll be asked about things like family history, cholesterol profile, weight, high blood pressure and previous heart attacks.
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