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When it comes to being overweight and seeking weight loss treatment, changing your lifestyle is just as important as any medical procedure you may receive. At Staten Island University Hospital, we'll guide you through a custom behavioral modification program that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

Mental aspects of behavioral modification

  • The mind controls the body, so you have to consciously think about why you’re eating. Are you truly hungry, or is it a habit? This is called mindful eating.
  • Be in tune with yourself. Think about what you need physically, spiritually and emotionally. Strive to attain those things. When they are in balance, behavior modification isn’t as difficult.

Environment and lifestyle control

  • Control your environment. If certain foods are too tempting, don't keep them in the house. Refrain from eating in front of the TV. Instead, eat at the kitchen or dining room table and take your time with your meal. Also, don't do work during your meal.
  • Before giving in to a craving that’s in front of you, ask yourself what the food will do for you this time that it hasn’t done for you before. Chances are you won’t gain anything from eating it. In these situations, drink a glass of water and wait 15 minutes before eating the food. Reassess if you really want it. If you do, enjoy a few bites of the treat without feeling guilty.
  • Focus on lifestyle changes, not “dieting.” “Dieting” is associated with deprivation and restriction. Making a lifestyle change gears your thinking toward a more positive outlook. Feel good knowing that you’re making positive behavior changes that will lead to a healthier you.